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GSF Advisors is a market leader in the structured finance advisory business. The company’s expertise is manifested in the strategic advice it provides and innovative financing products it implements to meet its client’s capital raising, investment, tax and accounting needs.


The firm is focused on highly structured private placements to institutional investors such as:

  • Tax-orientated leasing.

  • Tax credit investment partnerships e.g. renewable energy and affordable housing.

  • Debt financing of fixed assets e.g. aircraft, rolling stock, real property, and manufacturing equipment.

  • Lease and debt financing for utilities e.g. electric, gas, water and waste water.

  • Facility financing for public power and transit authorities.

  • Sourcing of capital for small and mid-sized companies.


GSF Advisors is located in New York . Our team members combine traditional financing expertise, such as taxation and accounting, with investment banking,  legal and economic analytical skills. These professionals are dedicated to the continuous design, development, marketing and implementation of cutting edge financing products.


To put these financing capabilities to work for you, contact GSF Advisors today.

Louis DeCarlo
Managing Partner




John Hackett
Managing Partner


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